Window Pain

Together, you and me
Can take a journey
Until we hit the sea
And enjoy
The scenery

Just watch your back:
I can be vicious
I have fangs
Hidden beneath my lips—
Emerging only to kiss
A dagger in the dark

Don’t bite the barrel
If this comes as a surprise,
Cause life goes on
Elevating other
While brining you down
On the even scale of justice

They say it’s quite balanced
One side’s just higher than another.
Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain
Or this pane of reality will shatter
And become a pain of reality
Laying broken on the ground

Shattered like my life
Shattered like my soul
Pieces flying everywhere
Cutting those around me
Hurting those who love me
With their jagged edges

Placid lakes,
Calm and serene
With gentle waves
Washing upon the shore
Wearing away the ground
Wearing away my soul