A Lovely Starcruiser For Me!


            Date: September 17th, 2066

            Time: 22: 00

            Location: Undisclosed (Military Base)

            Mission: Guard Duty

            Log start:


            Thump! Thump! Thump! The man’s boots resounded on the metal floor as he walked down the long dimly lit hallway.  His military uniform clung to his sweating body.  The man’s insignia on his uniform placed him among the few in his sector.  His nametag read, “Commander John Hews.”  A full grown man in his early thirties at slightly above average height, six feet, Hews was inevitably intimidating.

            Without his uniform he was no less intimidating.  A clear six-pack was visible on his stomach and his biceps matched in splendor.  Walking down the military base's corridors in the height of summer was made worse by the humidity.  The building acted like an oven.  The metal of the walls contained the heat of the sun cooking all inside.

            The hot material did more than cook though.  It was blast proof, fire proof, and shock proof.  It fully encompassed the building, making it one of the safest places on the planet

            Hews was far from scared of being attacked, for more than one reason.  Nothing compared to Earth’s Military but the Earth’s Technology.  The Rebels were a group of people who were on another planet, as an experiment to see if a civilization could be started on a distant world which was terraformed to fit mankind’s natural habitat.  It was a partial success.  It did sustain human life, but all the people who wanted to get away from Earth’s government chose to flee there.  This made the planet largely anti-earth, which in turn caused another cold war.  They had neither the strength nor the technology of Earth, but were growing at a rapid rate, and would soon rival Earth.  Neither side attacked the other, so it was at a stand off for the moment.  The Earth’s government may have been in chaos but it's industry was exactly the opposite, booming and stronger than ever.  Hews actually thought his job quite pointless, guard duty.  He once said in confidentiality, “I mean come on who would be stupid enough to attack us?  We would just nuke their asses back to the waste bucket they came from.”

            The heat finally getting to him as he neared the end of the hall Hews thought aloud, “Damn, this place needs to get A.C.” and swept his brown, sweating, unkempt hair out of his face.

            A voice crackled over a speaker kept hidden somewhere, “The government’s too damn cheap, sir.  But, yeah they do need it.”

            “Hello, Private Jennings.  Long time no see ehhh?” he asked as much as stated to the loud speaker while opening the blast door at the end of the hall.  The hunk of metal with intricate designs, that did more than make it look fancy, they actually strengthened the structural integrity of the door, slid open. The man stepped into the room as the blast door automatically shut behind him.  “Your shift is up,” he said as a man in a swivel chair spun around from his computer screen at the other end of the new room.  The room was illuminated mostly by computer monitors showing clearly many different rooms and halls, including the on he just exited.  Other than the blue and white screens the room was dark, and humid.  Jennings uniform was drenched in sweat.  He almost looked as if he ha just gotten out of a pool.

            “Hey!  Yes, one could say a day is a long time.” he said casually.  Jennings stood up a good five and a half feet tall and still had to look up to his C.O.  His green and brown camouflage uniform sticking out, in the metal man made structure, was obviously out of place.  Jennings pale skin shown with the different colors from the computer screens all the way up onto his regulation shaved head.

            “Private, show respect for your superiors or the next time you show insubordination I'll have you court marshaled,” Hews threatened.  It was truly an empty threat, Hews was one of the few officers who cared nothing for rank, but for the deeds one performed.

            Jennings visibly trying to hold back a laugh replied with a halfhearted, “Yes, SIR!” and straightened up as if to show more authority to Hews.

            Hews also trying very hard to contain a laugh said, “Dismissed.”  Both then broke down into a laughing fit at the obscurity of the scene.  As Jennings began to leave Hews patted him on the back and bade farewell, “See you tomorrow, buddy.” Jennings unusually green eyes sparkled with admiration for the man now behind him.

            Just before opening the door he thought now as good a time as any to ask, “Sir.”  Jennings slowly spun around.  He hesitated as Hews turned to face him.  His eyes bore into him as he continued, “U-u-ummmm what's here sir?”  Hews face scrunched up in confusion.  Jennings went on trying to explain,  “I mean... what are we guarding so heavily?  I’ve been here for a while now, sir.  I don’t even know what I’m guarding.”

            Deciding he had better show his best friend, no matter the five year age difference, what he risked his young life for he bade his friend over to the computer, “Come.”  He brought up a window on the computer screen and typed in a code that didn’t show the characters as they were typed.  Followed by enter and the another code box.  After five codes a room appeared on the monitor.  Jennings’s wasn’t sure what he was looking at, but from what he could discern, it was a metal vehicle of some sort sitting precariously upon a scaffold.  The image on the screen was obviously a spaceship of some sort.  It looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

            Now it was time for Jennings face to squish together in confusion, “What the hell is it?”

            Closing the window with the image in it, as if to hide it from anyone who would walk into the room at the moment.  Hews smiled from ear to ear. “This countries most prized achievement.  I know you’re really into the whole sci fi deal so I can spare the details...” He paused for a second to build up suspense. “ It's a starship, equipped with hyperdrive capabilities.”

            Jennings gulped as he took it all in.  “H-h-hyper d-drive!” he nearly shouted as his eyes grew wide with glee. 

            Hews nodded, “It will soon be know that the year 2066 will be a year to remember.” answering the question before it could be answered, “Right now, at this stage in production, this is the only one, but there are three more being constructed.  These advancements will lead us right into the next generation of technology.  Who's to say what’s next.”  Pointing at a rifle rack by the door, “It's been fifteen years since Professor Mack McHammelton created the laser rifle, no matter the excess in energy it uses.  And look what we have now.”  Once again before Jennings could respond Hews walked over to the door and opened it.

            “Now before a M.P.” (Military Police) “comes to check up on me you had best be going.”

            Jennings understood the risk his friend took in showing him the starcruiser and offered no resistance to the end of the meeting.  In fact he did less than that, and didn't even say farewell.  As he left the room and entered the hall way the door shut behind him, leaving John in total silence.  

Jennings rested one of his hands on his belt and his other hand on his pistol grip.  The silence of the hall left Jennings to ponder his thoughts.  As he reached the door to the exterior of the base he took his hands off his belt and pistol, so he could type in the code and open the door.



            Back in the monitor room Hews sat down and watched his friend who had been like a brother to him reach the end of the hall.  As Jennings reached over... BAMB!!!  It took a minute for the delayed reaction on the screen to show the door’s frame exploding into flames and which sent Jennings flying into the wall.  Of course, he was dead before his feet ever left the floor.

            Hews uttered under his breath, “No…” and rushed for the door to see if Jennings was still alive.  On his way out of the computer room he grabbed a rifle.  By the time he got to Jennings the smoke had cleared.  Five men rushed through the hole, where the door had been, in black masks.  Hews raised his rifle to fire but was cut off as a blast of gunfire went off.  Rrrratta!!!

            Hews opened his eyes a moment later and thought to himself, huh how did I get on the floor?  He tried to rise but he found he couldn't move his legs.  He sat up a little bit, thoroughly confused.  He looked down at his bloody legs, and choked on a scream as a cold ring was pressed against his head.

            A voice sounding distant, to the dazed Mr. Hews, shouted, “HOLD!”  The man who placed the barrel to John’s head paused.  “We need this one alive.” Then muttered to quietly for anyone to hear, “ For now.” The barrel didn't remove itself from the side of John’s head.

            “Uhng...” he grunted.

            Another man in a black mask, walked toward Hews.  By the way the others backed away as he approached Hews guessed he was the leader.  The leader addressed him in a friendly voice, “Hey buddy I'm sorry about the legs but, I can't control my men very well.” This remark brought a few snickers from his men.  As he pulled his black mask off he said, “They seem to think your useless... I think otherwise.”

            With his mask off the man seemed very human, almost kind.  His face was sleek and to many was probably considered handsome.  “They agreed that if you could open the door they would let you live,” he said pointing to a side door.  “Do you understand?  If you don’t open it, I don't think I can keep them from killing you.”  As if on queue a man cocked his rifle ejecting a shell onto the ground where its metallic ring never reached Rick’s ears.

            Commander Hew merely stared into nothingness.  They picked him up and walked him over to the door.  They still held his arms, keeping him in place.  “I won’t do it!” Hews said defiantly with a calm voice.  “And!  If you don’t like that you just cram a tampon in it and shut the hell up!”

            The man responded trying to sound down to earth, “OK, look at it like this, either you type in the combination and get us through, or we use your body as a battering ram.”  Hews knew that last part was a bluff, nothing could get through that door.  There wasn’t an explosive in existence that had the power to blast open the door.  “Like I said, if you value your life your open the door.”  His face seemed ever so inviting and angelic.

            “Well… I wont fucking do it! Without me you can't get through that door.  You'll be fucked without me,” the state of mental confusion causing him to curse unnecessarily.

            “I implore you to reconsider.”  Rick’s face remained the same.  “Hmm, well then...” the man said tapping his finger against his chin.  Then in a violent rage then man balled his fist and swung at Hews’ face.  Hews was laid flat from the force of the punch.  It didn't take long for John to feel the blood dripping down his lips and he instantly knew his nose was broken.  The man pulled out a small knife.  He tore open Hews' jacket and knelt down next to him.  Two men pinned John’s arms to the floor.  He slowly and deliberately lowered the knife down to John's chest.  The cold bite of the knife chilled John.  He felt every moment of it as the knife slowly poked its way through his skin.  It met no resistance, almost as if it were cutting through butter.  John held strong though, and didn't even wince as the knife snagged his ribcage twice.

            “Bring it over!” the man commanded, and as he did someone brought over a bottle and gave the container to the man.  The man opened the top and dropped a little of the liquid onto the ground creating a puddle of what looked like melted silver.  The ground bubbled where it made contact.  Then he slowly, and purposely moved the bottle over John's chest.  He tipped the bottle a little.  The liquid dripped out, almost like melted silver, it fell.  John watched in horror as the teardrop shaped liquid slowly but surely was pulled down by gravity.  In his mind John despised physics.  Curse the 9.8 m/s2  force of pull on the droplet.  As it made contact with the fresh wound, the cut began to fizz almost like hydrogen peroxide.  John twitched, and he began to shake all over.  Then another drop.  And another.  The men holding him had to use all his strength to keep John in place as the seizures gripped him.  Eventually the man tired of this game, though he continued to smile in joy.

            “Hmm... This could go on forever, and we’re already running out of what little time we have...  Well, I can think of one thing no one would want,” the grin that overtook his face was so large his eyes had to squint shut so that it could encompass his face.  “Hold him' down!”  John was shoved onto his back, and his arms pinned once more.  Then once more the man deliberately reached down, this time with his hand.  He grabbed John's finger and prying it up.  At first Hew's resisted but, he eventually gave in to the man’s over powering strength.  “First I've gotta break the connection!” He spat at John's face, but still he did not flinch.

            The ice bottom of the man’s boot was only felt for a second as it pressed itself against the finger of his right hand.  “How many forms of torture can you endure mister...” He looked at John's nametag, “Mr. Hews!” and he stopped down.  The sick crack, that was the result, echoed throughout the dark corridor.  John finally yelped in pain.  This guy is never going to get anything out of me.  As long as there is life in this body, let them beat me, let them batter me!  Let them try to kill me, but they will never get what they seek, for I was born, and born with a purpose.  That purpose is to guard this password.  Then, the man moved from his index finger to his middle.  Why doesn't he understand that I will never talk, that it is my divine right to do my duty, and he'll never stop me!  Then he moved on, to his ring finger.  But, I can’t lie this does hurt.  Maybe if he caught me he is the one destined to do great things.  Great but evil...  Then finally onto his pinky.  Maybe this guy is destined to get this ship.  If he is then I should let him in.  “Now that the bone is out of the way,” he said leaving the sentence hanging, as he took up the still bloody knife.  Gently the knife was pressed against his broken finger.  Then, in one swift motion he had nine fingers.  So the man continued on, smiling the whole time as he dismembered John’s finger.  By the end, there were only six fingers left in total on both hands.

            “Now, John.  Do you mind if I call you John?”  Not getting an answer he continued on, “John we could move onto your next hand, or you can keep what dignity, and life you have left.”

            Not having the strength to use words John meekly nodded his head.  He was helped to his feet and guided to the door.  The one hope he had left.  His thumb.  Good, the motherfucker was right behind him.  John tried to act like he was rolling up his sleeve, and in one fluid motion he reached down and wiped out his knife with his broken hand.  Holding it in his palm, and pinning it there with his thumb he managed to hold it with his dominate hand.  Spinning around he sliced at the man.  “There is no such thing as destiny,” he shouted as if everyone could have heard his previous thoughts.  John had no idea where he got the strength to perform such a feet but he smiled anyway, as he thought it was his last smile.  He sighed as he felt the knife go in.

            Blam!  That was it.  It was over.  John thought when he was dead the pain would dissipate but the pain in his hand only intensified.  There was a clanging as the knife fell to the ground.  John looked at his blood soaked hand, now with a hole in it.  His thumb, his last thread of existence, his last tie to reality had been shot off.  By this point, he had lost all rational thought.  John released a feral snarl, foaming at the mouth.

            The man punched him in the face again, bringing him partially back to reality.  “Do it!” he commanded.  I'm all out... I don't even care anymore. 

            John obediently typed in the code with his left hand.  The door, not used very often, groaned in protest as it opened.  Another ring of coolness pressed against his head, this time he knew it would be the last.  Hew’s eyes grew wide, “Y-y-you s-said you wouldn't kill me.”  Even if it is his right to get the ship he should not be able to go back on his word.  Maybe... people aren't good at heart, they’re evil and that is why he is able to do the things he does.  Because I believed he was good at heart and truly he was a wretched man and was tricking me into a false sense of security...  Either way, I'm dead now.

            “No my good Commander... I said 'they' wouldn't kill you.”

            Hews head turned around to face his doom.  The man pulled back the trigger of his Davour assault rifle, Blam once, Blam twice, Blam trice, Hews head no longer remained as the old fashion projectiles flew carelessly through the defenseless mans skull.  The sound and the flashes were dimmed and quieted by John's head.  Ching! Ching! Ching! The shells fell to the cold metal floor, ringing out like Hews unheard and unmade scream.  “I am sorry I had to be so crude,” he said as he tossed the body haphazardly to the side where the blood began to coagulate and congeal on the ground.

            “Scott,” one of the men who had gone through the door and missed the spectacle of Hews death shouted.  “It's in here.”

            Scott, the leader of the group, grinned.  With the mix of blood, brains, and eye fluid on his face he seemed a lot less angelic.  “Good.  Lets move people!  All the noise that pathetic man made will attract the M.P.”  The group picked up and moved through the doorway.  Upon entering the hanger they looked at the starcruiser in its entire splendor with sleek metal curves.

            John’s former prejudgments about attackers would have been correct, had the ones attacking not been from his own country.  For though the Hijackers held no love for any land they did indeed live on Earth.  No one would be stupid enough to nuke him or herself, not even the hypocrites that called themselves the Earth’s government.

            The makeshift militia stormed aboard the cruiser.  Scott walked toward the bridge.  Though none of them had ever been on the ship, they all knew their way around like it was their own home.  Scott smiled as he remembered the blue prints.  The ship roared to life as he typed in the stolen access codes.  The ceiling above gave way as the ship ascended into the sky.



            “Sir! The SP15 starship is in full flight!” A private shouted to his commander.

            Without hesitation he said, “Orders are specific, if it takes off without a pass-code, shoot it down!”

            “But, sir...”

            “Private, we can't risk this technology getting into the wrong hands...”

            The private pressed a red button.  Out on the base a missile turret fired at the SP15.  The long rocket shot out of its chamber and launched towards its mark



            Scott sat down in the captain’s chair.  He looked around the bridge.  He sat directly in the center as if to view everything.  Around him there were three seats, one to his right, one to his left and, one right in front of him.  Computer consoles circled around the bridge.

            The man on his right said, “Sir, engines full power, hyperdrive ready.”

            The woman on his left said, “Sir, fusion generators max power.”

            The last man in the room, directly in front of Scott said, “Hyperspace coordinates ready.  Co fly?” he asked (take off?).

            “Co fly.  All systems go?” no protest. “Take of on my mark.  5.  4.  3.”

            The man on the right turned on the loud speaker, “All aboard, brace for impact.” He left the speaker on for the remainder of the countdown.





            The missile closed in, 100 meters.  Its computer began to count the distance to target.  Engines full throttle.  50 meters.  The afterburners kicked in.  10 meters.  Almost there.  1 inch.  100,000 light years and going?  The missile burst into flames.  Debris from the missile rained down on some of the unfortunate men who were in the area below the ship.

            Back at H.Q. the captain who ordered the shot berated his subordinate, “FUCK! We were to slow.  Next time follow the orders you are given, and do not hesitate.  Private, I'll have you court marshaled for insubordination!”

            The man sunk into his chair and thought to himself, Damn it! Not again.



“2. 1. Activate Hyper-” the ship lurched forward, “space”

            The ship tore though space as it approached its destination.  The woman on the left said, “S-s-sir...”

            “Yes, Kelly”

            “A missile...” She gulped.

            “Come on out with it,” the man on the right said.

            “Sean calm down she'll say what she wants, when she wants,” Scott scolded his fellow crewman.

            “A missile came with in an inch of the hull as we took of,” she finished.

            “Hmmmm...” Scott pondered. “Well, we should consider ourselves lucky.” He said bluntly.  ”Alrighty, lets find out where we are, get the shields up and the weapons on line.”  Scott pressed a button on his armrest, and a com link came on.  “Baxter, get the RADAR up, NOW!”

            “Now… we can start out own civilization…” Scott thought aloud.  “Then we sell this thing for all its worth,” he said twiddling his figures.