The Free-Lance

End this needless pain
Get out of my mind
Get into my arms

You can be my cocaine
Just don’t make me go blind
While you’re dealing me arms

I can be your dragon’s bane
And get you out of a bind
With my wicked lover’s charm

Gloriously adorned
Yet you shall never know
For while I slept—
And while I wept
Love of yours
I did loose
Weary eyed.
I look away

Just give me a shove,
Maybe we can dance
In an old motel

I’ll take a stab at love
Just give me a free lance
I’ll fight my way through hell

And all other things thereof
Pretty-please, give me a chance:
At the end I’ll say farewell

Tenacious pulchritude,
Your presence exudes.
The rapturous harmony,
Articulated through your sing-song voice,
Caresses my soul.
The placid serenity,
Entrances my thoughts,
Manipulating my mind.