The Blood Of My People

This prison holds me tight,
The sunlight sears my soul.
Corpses rise beneath me.
Angels fall above me.
Bodies fall to the ground
A mix of blood and steel
A lovely blade of grass
Or the blade of a sword,
Bites deeply in my flesh.
Crimson blood spills from me.
An incandescent light flies high above the sky
The army of the dead
Is that of which I serve
My soul belongs to you
I’ll give you all I’ve got
For I’ve lost what I’ve sought
Amber red dies the sand:
On the line of the land.
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Three men died here today
The three men rise again
To slay the wicked sin.
The Heroic campaigns
Of one man standing tall
March across the wasteland
Into another realm
Sing and praise mighty men
Of the ages long gone
Though their strength kept them long
In the end they still lost.