Streams of Consciousness

you’re always on my mind
a constant Train of thought
and you’re the Conductor
of my intense electricity
pulsating though my veins

what do you do when you cannot breathe?
naught but dance real Loud
cause if the Fuzz aint on your ass
there aint no Static
or dynamic/dynamite characters
to fuel the boom

i can’t always be thinking about you hon
but somehow 1+1= you
turn your blind eye upon me
and see what’s not there
and what’s yet to Bee
you venom tastes so sweet
i want it to drip form my lips

you’re just another pirate
out to steal my soul
out to steal my Booty
it’s not as nice as yours
‘X’ marks the spot
where you need to stab me: in the heart

don’t you know who’s the M.C.
to shining sea
Tranquil eyes and Immune eyes
try not to be so gratuitous
like a coat in summer
you making me nauseous

your ostentatious beauty
is practically eathereal
i can feel your self eSteam
rising off you body