Power loves what power wants

You had better get away,
For I’m afraid I’ll hurt you
You go yours; I’ll go my way.
Just, in the end, feel not blue.

I need to get outa here
With or without chya’ honey!
I don’t wanna hurt chya’ dear
Not for all the world’s money

For your own good: Stay Away!
I’m awful dangerous hun.
You should really keep at bay
Even if its just for fun

This isn’t the best poem
But I fear it’s all I’ll say
Go drink a jeroboam (1)
But I’ll say no more today

Ghastly specters marauding
And the lovers applauding
I bid you adue; goodnight
And farewell. Let’s end the fight.

(1) a large wine bottle (holds 4/5 of a gallon)