Nowhere To Go But Down

It’s not a fall,
It’s a leap.
A leap I’ll not regret.
All I wish,
Is that I had not forgot:
My parachute.

To be honest, this drop’s not too tall
But, when I’m in a heap
You’d better not fret
Or you won’t look so swish
Plus, I’d rather you not.
Although I know the point is moot.

It I were to fall
Would you catch me
With outstretched arms?
Cause, we aren’t afraid to jump
It’s just the thump!

At the end of the line

So leap with me, the cliffs real small.
Or, we can float along with the debris.
I’m sure that with your charms
We could transcend this bump,
And surpass this hump.
Prompted only by motives malign.