I’m a lonely motherfucker
And I don’t give a damn about you!
Stick out your lips and pucker—
Did you really think that I would too?

No one’s by my side
I’m often left to hold my own hands
It’s something that I can’t hide
Even in the distant lands

I wont be missed
Even after time has passed
All those that I’ve kissed
Are enchanted by the spell that I have cast

I wish you’d never come
To relieve me of my sins
I was fine when I was numb
From my head down past my shins

O-O-Oh no you don’t hon
You can’t break something that’s already broke
Shhh… I’ll stop when I am done.
You think I’m some kind of joke

I’m sorry but you’ll find
My heart aint a silly toy
You can still play with it—I won’t mind
After all I’m a big strong boy

You wont do things by the book
I think that’s kind of cute
It just depends on how deep I look.
Is that all you’ve to say, or are you mute?

Why don’t you try to speak a little louder?
When ya’ whisper it’s hard to hear you
The people can’t see why I’d doubt her
But, I think that they do too

I find it hard to trust
You when you’re always lying
For you it seams that lying is a must
Otherwise you’d be dying

I pity the fool who loves you
I’m just glad it isn’t me
I guess we’re finally through
Please just leave me be!