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Liquid Kryptonite
If I were to crawl under the covers
Never to return to this hopeless world
Would anyone even notice I’m gone?
Look how easily the world could go on.

If I hid with the veracious lovers
Would you find me with my soul unfurled:
With my benighted features being drawn:
Watching evil creatures begin to spawn?

I need to hop into a cool shower
So I can calm my nerves and cool on down
I need to hop into a cool shower
So I can feel once more what I had lost
I need to hop into a cool shower
Because I miss the taste of endless love

If I fall will you catch me or just watch?
If you try to hug me I’ll have to shoot.
Love’s just a form of liquid kryptonite
The think I seek is never in my reach

I might as well sit down and have a scotch
‘Cause in the very end the point is moot
It doesn’t matter, it’s outta my sight
I might as well suck blood and be a leach


Its not until you see the power raw;
With all the serendipity do-da;
That soon after Big Ben dies time will stop.
It’s time that time finally went to sleep.

You’ll know what I mean when they shout hoorah
Na na na na na na na na na na
The ‘X’ marks the spot with the treasure chest;
All you have to do is dig down real deap.


When the streets of London finally empty
You’ll know the end of time; the end of life
I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway
Because I’ll be gone and you’ll be… *pause* Alone!


When your vision goes and you cannot see
You will still go on with life and the strife
But there’s still those things that you cannot say
There are things for which you cannot atone.

When into the win reason has been thrown
And when those things we knew and have been known
Fade away; I don’t want to hear you moan.