I just wanna fade away
A ghost in the shadows
Never to be seen by the eyes of men
If only for today
Drowning in my endless sorrows
Wont be a then, but a when.

I feel so foolish
Many would say they pity
What I have become:
One who looks so ghoulish.
But oh my, aren’t we witty?
At least you’re soul’s not numb.

You can feel love,
You can feel pain
You can feel hate
And all things thereof
You are my bane
That keeps my path straight

Without you I am lost
Without you I am happy
Without you I am sad
I’ll keep you no matter the cost
And it might sound very sappy
But I love you more than a tad.

It’s no matter
For as bad as I am
And as much as I hurt
It’s your heart I cannot shatter.
It’s an impenetrable damn
Deep in the middle of the desert.

I’m a hopeless void
Created to be cast into Hades.
Who, when his time expires
Will be eloquently destroyed
For what he’s done to the ladies
While playing with their desires.

So in the end
It hurts less to fade away
Because there is no love
Not even a wall to transcend:
To my utter dismay--
Even when we rise above.