Inner Turmoil, an utter disgrace.
Failure to abide by the law.
Loss of reality, or loss of innocence.
Like a plane in the darkest night,
I am shaken, launched into turbulence.
Swirling Pandemonium.
To dissent from humanity is to shape your own death .
Swirling faster to an ever silent...
An Incessant...
Rambling of paralleled minds.
Death will satisfy your thirst for life.
Sleep only brings...
Fallen angels heralding Satan's fantasies,
A cruel directive sending me towards darkness .
Life is a minor flaw,
In a cascading flow of events,
Ever sliding down
Into the Abyss.
Struggle is useless;
Only bringing pain,
Into what should be
A pleasant death.
Succumb to the reaper,
Let his scythe fragmentize your spine.
Let the soil be inundated with your blood.
One's mind is always in shambles.
An effervescent girl,
Succumbs to the great beyond.
A sacrifice left unnoticed,
A sacrifice left untold.
Her pitiful existence wiped away.
The people go on lightheartedly,
Nonchalantly playing their games.
Is there no end to apathy?
The tombstone looks quite affable,
Calling to her,
Calling to me.
A hush, a whisper, carried on the wind,
Cries to my heart.
No one shall lament my passing,
For no one can apperceive me.
A ghost, inarticulate to all but himself.