It’s so hard not to feel
It’s so hard not to love

How can you tell me not to feel?
How can you tell me not to love?

Why can’t I feel you?
Why can’t I love you?

If you only knew
The things I want to do

Maybe you could see
What you’ve done to me

How you’ve taken what I want to be
And how you charge a fee

Can’t you see the gape you’ve made?
Can’t you see the wall you’ve erected?

Look at the price you’ve paid
To not be infected.

So just let love rule
And I might even play the fool

For now, I’ll have to jump in a pool
So that I can let my anger cool

Cause you’re all I want
If I can’t get what I need

I’ll have to got on a hunt
To give the hunger its feed

I’ll tell you what to do,
Turn off your alarms

You need to live a little; me too
So come into my arms

Come on and say you love me
Come on and give me a little kiss now.