If You Only New

You’re getting closer to me.
I’m going to go crazy--.
I’ll have to push you away.
I’ll have to push you goodbye.
It’s my love you cannot buy
Not tomorrow, not today.

Without me life will go on.
At least till the break of dawn.
Gray rain clouds loom overhead.
I see no light in your path:
It’s you eternal wrath.
Do you mean the things you’ve said?

Have we truly split apart?
The arrow shot through my heart
Will be the thing to break it.
It was the arrow you threw!
The blade of it cut right through
My throat with a big ole’ slit.

But I shall not bleed for you
Not with everything you do.
All I feel is your cold skin,
Rubbing hot against my flesh
Intertwining much like mesh
Don’t think before we begin.

Let’s pretend it’s not a dream
You take it to the extreme
You would pick life over mine.
I fear the power that you lack
To resist stabbing my back
To resist breaking my spine

That’s why I’ll have to kill you
As directed: On my queue
As both of the curtains close
Just remember whom you love
It’s something to be proud of
Even if it comes to blows