i can't understand what I can't see
like your endless Love for me
when I'm a Heartless shell,
with naught but a Soul I tried to sell
how could You love me?
when I see all you could be--
how could you be in love with Me--
and have such Selfless glee?
it's a shame I', Dragging you down.
make sure if you Frown
ya' try not to let your Mascara smear
because you're Precious to me dear

i'd Hate to see you go:
i can't risk Hurting you now.
even if it Breaks our vow.
Remember if i hurt you
it's only Cause i love you
when i Die
you might just Sigh
as i look Up at you from hell
I'll see you're still my belle
as Beautiful as ever
as Elegant as ever

you think that i'm a God among men--
but have you even Looked at me?
as far as i Know most gods have souls
to bring them to heaven; to put them to Rest
so you can hear them shout "Amen"
with Exuberant glee
when they've Finally met their goals
and have finally been Blessed