Girl of my dreams

A spark of light, a flame of passion.
A drop of water falling through the sky.
Strikes the lake, breaking the ending tension.
How did I fall, from being up so high?

A touch, a single touch... and then a kiss.
My love you did place upon an old shelf.
That killing bullet my heart did miss.
Sometimes pain can be worse than death itself.

For this reason I wish it had hit home.
Blood spills from my soul, pours out of my lungs.
Lost in the dark, my mind begins to roam.
A lock of lips, a twist of deadly tongues.

As the dawn comes I know the end of night.
Because of you, things seem so much clearer.
A lovely walk under starry moonlight.
She's all thats on my mind, thinking of her.

And its because its better that you know,
That I'm gonna tell you, “I love you so!”