From A Kiss

You’re sucking the life right outa me
You’re a thief and you like it
You took all I had and left me bereft
Standing in the rain without a coat

My pain is all you can see
So I might as well just quit
You stole my soul: your greatest theft
You should have gone for my throat

You’re Fucking
The life outa me

I’m a helpless victim
Left to bleed in a back alley
If you wanted me dead—
You should have just asked

It’s the police’s dictum
That you stop immediterilly
And put your evil ways to bed
For you’ve been unmasked

You’re Fucking
The life outa me

It’s the end of the world
The muzzle fires burn—
Through the darkness of night
And through it all you hide in bliss

Down the drain you life swirls
And somehow, it’s for you that I still yearn
You’re such a pretty sight
And all this from a kiss