Enthundering Staiconduratry

Lay in fever I do
Thinking only of you
Love and Life
Death and strife
All one in the same
Like a hurricane

Queen Mary Antoinette
Plays a marionette
And thriving
Off their weakness
Off their meekness

She overwhelms me
Can’t see
Why she would do it:

Close your delicate eyes
That which you cannot see
Or be.

Hate me
Or flee!
You’ll see…

I overwhelm your life
And wife
I rape her in her bed…
She’s dead

Her pitiful soul left,
Her life: a dot in time
A chime

Let death consume me now
But how…
For I have not that heart
Or art

When staiconduratry (1)
Look to me

Love thy children as thee own:
Kill them mercilessly

A headless spectoress
The law and pull my strings
Like kings

Omnipotent fools rule
High school
And the government too.
What’s new?

(1) Staiconduratry: The feeling of being stuck somewhere with no place to go or hide and something ominous looming overhead
(2) Enthunders: The act of expanding with a rumble outward (thundering)