She says the longest goodbyes
Blue skies are all that dries her eyes.
She loves me to death
And her kisses suck out my breath

And she says to me
This world’s fucked up
How can we go on living?
When we can’t even see the end

There’s no end to this tunnel
No light to end this dark
No bandage for this wound—
You’ve cut out of my heart

Motes of light dot the sky
And they sure as hell aren’t stars
It’s the glare of fire in the air
Burning through my flesh

Your words cut deeper that a knife
They don’t hurt
But the damage is done all the same
The more you push me away the tighter I’ll hold

I’m like a Chinese finger trap:
You’ve got to let go to get out
Because holding on when you’ve no intention of staying
Is worse than walking out when you really love me

I tell her, “goodbye,
I’ll see ya’ hon.
But I’m taking my coat with me.”