Often now-a-days people blame issues on the media.  So many of societies issues are thrust upon the entertainment industry.  Parents complain that their children begin to see the T.V. fiction as their worlds reality.  Yes, this is true sometimes, but children are smarter than we give them credit for.  They can really pick up on things, it's something you learn when dealing with children.

    The problem does not lye in the hands of Hollywood's producers or script writers, but in the hands of parents.  Most people would say that the parents need to pay closer attention to what their children do.  Like I said before, kids are smart.  Anyone, child or adult, can tell reality from fiction, with a few extreme exceptions.

    Let's study this from a specific example.  The growing problem of adolescent sexual activity.  It doesn't have to do with the media's portrayal of how to act.  The problem is parents:  In the past however many years divorce rates have reached an inappropriate level.  In America today a marriage is more likely to split apart than stay together.  The issue is that our culture has begun to defame the term "love."  A kid watching a cartoon knows it's just T.V. but when his/her parents get divorced that's real.  When children see the adverse affects of being in a long term relationship they begin to stop believing in "true love," making it acceptable on a social and personal level.

    One might ask, "well how do we fix this?"  My only answer is that we need to feed the belief that love does exist to our children.  Parents need to stop blaming the media and making a fuss over an issue that has no affect, and redirect their efforts toward refining their habits which, in reality have a bigger affect on children.  Anyone who has yet to procede through puberty is still at an age where they are the most receptive to the things going on around them.  Therefore the parents must set a good example of how to act.