A walk in the dark:

Left alone
Cool crisp air, sweet spring.
Dark yet warm, flames of death heat the night.
Blinded by passion, guided by hate.
A side of me no one can see.
Secrets I can only keep inside of me.

And on and on I'll go.
As far as my feet will carry me.
Into the dark of night.
Into the dead of light.

A ghastly specter
No more to know, no less to see.
I am nothing, a spirit in the void.
Not even a solid entity floating through life.
I’ve closed the door, and locked you out.
I've bared it shut, and closed the latch.


Green flames
There can be no love, I am alone.
The villagers rise up.
Axes to trees sets forests to fire.
A blaze in the dark, lighting the path.
It shows me the way... to the gates of hell.


I pound on its door, it's sealed shut.
Even hell has turned me down.
I have no place left to go...
I'm left alone, not in the dark, or in the light.
The rim of a barrel, cold steel
*Chorus in background*
Death Chant
Feels good against the side of my head.
But pride holds me back.
But, it's still an ongoing attack.
I wish I could have bled,
Instead of the tear I shed.

*Chorus* (In full)
(tempo slows) (trumpets play for this section)

Black Trumpets
The viciousness of life,
All the pain one feels.
The sorrow and strife.
I don't know how anyone deals.
Around and around I go.
Ever spinning round and round.
How could I get so low?
Nothing is quieter than sound...
And the whine filling my ears.
There are already enough tears...

(Instrumental and tempo regains)

The Past
A world of lies, hidden in the dark,
Gone up in a blaze.
A flame of death started from a spark.
It is hard to see through the haze.
I trip, I stumble... into the fire
It does not burn my flesh,
For the devil is a lier.
Our minds begin to mesh
I go on, my walk in the dark.
Through the dark and lonely path.


The Present
Staring into the starry sky.
A blank look upon your face.
You let out a long and fatal sigh.
My feet have begun to pace.
From a pace to a walk,
From a walk to a run.
As I run I talk,
“Fear me not! You are but the sun,”
“And I the Moon”
Left alone in the world
I did no know death would come so soon.
A life that has been hurled,
out the door, into the cold.
But, I'm not even old.
I have but left my mark.
But... That's what happens on a walk in the dark.

*Chorus repeats*

The Future
A dagger in the back,
A knife through the neck.
Like water running over parched lips.
Back into the city of Mecc (Reference to Mecca)
Fleeing from the reapers attack

The Symphony of Pursuit
A shadow in the dark,
Chasing me through the night.
The road swerves and dips.
It pursues my flight.
I shout, “Hark!”

A wretched man
“I've done nothing wrong!
You have sung the wrong song!”
(different vocalist) “Goodbye...” is all it says.
It's scythe it has.


Moonlight lights my path.
Petals from a flower fall.
One by one... dieing
No more in life, no less in...
Death: finally here.

(orchestra fades out...)