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You may already know that decks are hot. Homeowners are building them and renovating them more than ever. But do you also know these five amazing facts about decks?

  • Smart investment: Your home is your biggest investment. It's an even better investment if you add a deck. Experts say you can realize a 100 percent return on your investment. And if you build it yourself, you can expect an even better return. Homebuyers these days want houses with decks. There are practical reasons: Decks expand a home's living space. Plus, they give you countless ways to relax and have fun.

  • Party central: Think of the possibilities for year-round fun on your deck with family and friends. On New Year's Eve, you and your guests can gather on your deck and celebrate the stroke of midnight with champagne. On July 4, you can sip iced tea and grill hotdogs. A built-in hot tub adds opportunities for fun and relaxation. On Halloween, you can organize a pumpkin-carving contest, with Jack-o-lanterns lined up around your deck.

  • Decking materials galore: Consumers have more choices than ever these days when it comes to choosing material to build their decks. Some decking materials are better suited to warm climates, and others are perfect for withstanding snow and ice. You have a wide selection of hardwoods from which to choose, from California redwood to exotic Ipẻ, or you can build your deck with composite material which is not only environmentally friendly - but also as beautiful as many hardwoods. There is also a choice over fastener types. There are many types of fasteners available including the traditional brass and stainless steel screws, as well as the new fastening systems and hidden fasteners that keep the fasteners out of sight.

  • Connecting to Nature: Whether your home is a Vermont farmhouse or a New York City brownstone, a New Jersey split-level or a California bungalow, decks offer you a quick and easy way to connect with Nature. You can grow your own herbs in pots, raise prize-winning roses and listen to wind chimes on your deck. You can also enjoy a family dinner al fresco, watch for the first robin of Spring and flocks of geese fly overhead in the Fall or simply relax and meditate on your deck. Life is hectic, but decks give you an easy escape to some much-needed peace and quiet.

So, whether you're building a deck or renovating one, you can be sure you're participating in an amazing trend.

Printed with permission from EB-TY(R) Hidden Deck-Fastening System(tm).

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