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NADRA Special Pricing:

PT2000TM Coated Deck Screws for ACQ & Copper Azole Treated Lumber

Collated Deck Screws to fit: SENCO, PAM, Grabber and Hitachi screw guns!

#8 x 2-1/2", T-17 cutter point, #2 SQ drive, 1000 screws per box, 8 boxes / master carton, $39.75 / box + Ft. (96 boxes /or 12 master cartons / skid on 2-1/2")

Example of Screw Guns Screws in Holder for Feeding

#8 x 3", T-17 cutter point, #2 SQ drive, 600 screws per box, 10 boxes / master carton, $38.75 / box + Ft. (120 boxes or 12 master cartons / skid on 3")

*Get a SENCO DS300-AC Corded Collated Screwdriver for $199 each + Ft.; when you purchase 2 cases of either of these special Deck screws for use in Treated Lumber.

Quantity Purchase: a mixed skid (12 master cartons) or more of these screws and you get Free Freight to your location in the continuous 48 United States.

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